Container Queries, the future to come

So the Responsive Issues Community Group (RICG) posted an interesting article over at discussing moving media queries from the view port over to elements instead. I can’t begin to describe how much I endorse this effort. View port based media queries have,  regardless of what they have done for the responsive web which is a lot, always been clunky.

Today when writing media queries in any decently sized project the css seems to expand exponentially as you add more breakpoints, and most of the time it feels like you’re just adding more css to offset unintentional changes created from other breakpoints.

I understand the logic behind media queries not being able to be added to the same element affected by the css due to the recursive re-styling issue, but man that would have been sweet had it actually worked.

Container queries seems to be the next closest thing to accomplish that goal and in practice it wouldn’t change much in the implementation.

You too can join the revolution by heading over to the RICG Github project page and start tinkering with container queries using the javascript shim provided there and help the project move along by reporting back your issues and problems that you find.


How to write compelling copy for the web

The good folks over at Webdesigner Depot have put together a short and condensed, but informative, post about how to write good copy for the web. They talk about things like paragraph length, segmentation, pacing and more. In short, keep it short.

Worth a read!

The ultimate guide to getting started in web design

The ultimate guide to getting started in web design

If you’re a budding web designer just starting out and don’t really know where to begin, this article is for you. It’s a bit long but, as the author himself states, it’s best enjoyed in bite sized chunks. There is a lot of ground covered and if you don’t have any idea of what HTML, CSS, typography or a web server is I recommend you give it a read.


– EZEQUIEL BRUNI, Web Designer Depot

Of all the practical tips provided in the article, I think this one is the best. Less focus on the design folks, more focus on the content. Because it’s king.

A Dao of Web Design

The web is a new medium, although it has emerged from the medium of printing, whose skills, design language and conventions strongly influence it. Yet it is often too shaped by that from which it sprang.

– John Allsopp

Albeit written 15 years ago the “Dao of Web Design” remains relevant still. John Allsopp delivers a profound insight into how we should think about designing for the web, working with the medium instead of against it.

Why I’m browsing mobile on the desktop

I’ve recently noticed something odd in my behavior (no surprise there really). That even though I regularly use relatively large computer screens, ranging from 21″ to 27″, and assorted sizes outside that, I often browse with the browser window contracted really narrow.

My initial thought was that I probably did it to unclutter the screen in order to get more windows in view, but then I started doing it even when I was just browsing. It probably started out that way though, to save space, and when developing sites I often have the devtools open and docked to the right so the viewport get naturally kind of narrow.

Nevertheless it got me thinking. The emergence of responsive web design and penetration of mobile devices in recent years have resulted in a great focus on mobile experience, and a will and determination to not obscure the websites important content for mobile users. Which of course is a good and honorable thing, and the right thing to do.

However, it seems, it has rendered the “desktop” view the toilet of viewport sizes. The place where the junk goes that did not rank high enough on the important list to cut it on mobile.

Which brings me to my point of contention, if you make a prioritization of information for mobile that list is also the prioritization for desktop. If the content wasn’t worth showing your mobile users it’s not important enough to show your desktop users either. Just cut it out.

In any case I find the experience of browsing “mobile” infinitely more pleasant than desktop so I do it, though I now need for screens to come in 10:16 format instead of 16:10.

Dieter Rams principles of good design

These 10 sound bites of Dieter Rams principles of good design over @AddThis may not make you into a perfect designer, but they do provide som nice food for thought. I find no. 2 to be my favorite.

Google Analytics for Business sites

Hey! This is a very welcomed feature I’ve been wanting for a long time. And although I can understand the business value of addind it in, it would’ve been nice to see it included for all sites not just premium.

The Stats on are a special favorite of many site owners — it’s our second-most visited screen. At a glance, you can see when you get the most traffic, which posts are making the biggest impact, who your most frequent commenters are, and more. It’s a great way to gain insights into your visitors and […]

Re: Crowdfunded initiative to pierce the Moon with anime spear raises $300k

An $850k anime-related initiative to put a tiny replica of the Spear of Longinus on the moon is one-third of the way to getting funded.

Now that’s money well fucking spent.

The Sounds of New Eden

One thing I always liked about Eve Online is the music score they have produced over the decade. I don’t really know what it is about it that I like, but for me it really feels like it fits. If you haven’t seen it yet CCP Games has a lot of music and sound uploaded to Sound Cloud for you to stream/download and enjoy.

My top three favourites are

Going to deadly places and finding out why they are called that

In where I muse about my first roam to deadly space, and get deadlyfied.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I should probably go off and see what all the fuzz was about in the wormholes and the null secs and what not. I have been living my Eve life pretty safe in high sec doing high sec stuff and not really getting in anyones way, and that got a little bit boring. Or not boring per se, but I felt that I might miss out on some other fun stuff that could possibly be had.

So I got myself a Cov Ops frigate, trained my skills up so that I actually could use the damned thing and began formulating a travel plan. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to spend some time in each of the other zones in Eve, Wormholes, null-sec and low-sec in order to in part get a feel for the different places and in part to see how long I could survive.

I also really didn’t want to loose my new shiny ship on the first gate I went through so I decided that the most prudent path must be to find a wormhole entrance from High-sec first and go through that, and then later on drop out to null-sec and beyond. So I waited out my skill queue, undocked, started tripwire and went scanning for a wormhole. And that didn’t take to long.

I approached the hole and sat for about 10 minutes watching to see if there was any traffic going on (getting noticeably more sweaty by the minute), but there didn’t seem to be any. The system was pretty quiet, only me and three others that were docked up. So I warped out and back in at zero, and on contact I jumped through. At this point I was at pant status: liquid. And nothing. No one on grid, that I could see in any case. Picked the most inconspicuous looking celestial I could in three seconds, warped off and pressed that cloak button so hard and fast it probably thought it was tuesday (as in spank-me-tuesday) and off I went.

Not knowing what the hell I was supposed to do I started scanning down the signatures, a couple of exploration sites and a couple of wormholes. Checked them out but nothing to do. The data and relic sites had the sleepers and I was in my Buzzard so that was a no go. Decided that I should probably find out if there were any inhabitants so I started looking for a POS of some sort. Dscan had told me the was at least one but not knowing how to properly do that I started Dscanning the different planets trying to find which one had the moon with the starbase. After about thirty minutes I had the moon locked down and went over. And russians (a recurring theme I found out later).

Nothing was happening so I decided to move further on so off to a random WH and jumped through. Same story. Quite desolate. Scanned stuff down, couldn’t do squat, so I kept going. The third wormhole actually had some people in it but not a lot going on. The null-sec exit started to look pretty nice so I went through that, and ended up in f***ing Stain about as far down the bottom you can go. Fun times. And more Russians. Though they didn’t seem to give a f***.

And neither did I so I went around randomly to check the place out, and I have got to say it’s pretty sparsely populated. At one point I think I actually got chased around a bit, but either I got lucky or they were piss poor at hunting because they disappeared after a few gates.

And seeing as I couldn’t really do anything here as well I decided I’d try and go up to low-sec. Problem was I couldn’t find a good route from where I was and where I wanted to go and that prompted the new and revised plan to go back to high-sec and then into low-sec because I wanted to do some actual exploring.

Seeing as the first part of my trip was rather uneventful, and the fact that I’m a regular master mind, I routed my way back through Catch. The reasoning was that I probably would get blown up, but if I could escape some of the roams and gate camps that would give me some experience and boost my self esteem. So off I went.

Almost immediately upon reaching Catch I started to run into gate camps. They seemed to be pretty hop scotch and only one of them actually chased after me to the next gate but I managed to evade them all. There where a lot more people in systems here than in Stain, some systems having upwards of 300-400 people. At this point I had a heart rhythm that probably was hazardous to my health, my hands were shaking, I got more and more tunnel vision and sweating. Oh the sweating. But I didn’t want to stop in the middle of Catch and I had about 7 jumps left so I went on.

Three jumps out of my high sec destination I got chased off a gate camp. I did what I had previously done, warped to a celestial and cloaked during warp. Then I jumped to a celestial so that I got a different approach angle to the next gate, warped to gate to check it out, warped back to nearest celestial and then back to gate at zero to go through. That had worked pretty well so far. This time, as I land back at the gate at zero, the ship that was chasing me (can’t remember what it was) landed on grid at the same time and I immediately go to jump. The ship didn’t follow me through though, and as I land on the other side I understand why. Another gate camp.

A Caracal, a Crow. And a Sabre. Pant status: brownish. I was too far from the gate to go back through (and someone was almost certainly waiting for me there) so I decided to try and make a run for it. The Sabre was on gate at zero, the Caracal was about 30k off and the Crow was ~10k out. My quick plan was to go in a direction directly away from the gate, pulse my MWD, cloak and then change heading hoping that they’ll overshoot and also not to waste a bubble/energy on such a small target.

I was very wrong. The instant I uncloaked the bubble went up, that dude had the button half way down already. I pulsed, cloaked and turned and the Crow just whizzed by me within a couple of meters, promptly de-cloaking me. It didn’t take long from that until my ship was a fiery mess and I woke up refreshed in a new clone.

I’m amazed of how fast that Crow responded and traversed the distance between itself and me, I never thought it would go that fast. And also the the reaction time of the dude flying the dictor.

Overall it was a run experience. I learned a lot and got to see some other places. I got a better hang of how to safely maneuver hostile territories and got to experience bonafide gate camps.

Now it’s off to join Faction Warfare! :)